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Professional Training & Development – Role of Employees

There are two sides of a coin. In a professional context in a work environment, ‘self-efforts for professional training and development provided by the organization’ are the two sides. Both the aspects are crucial for professionals to learn and grow. However, to give their best under certain work pressure, employees are likely to miss the opportunity to learn and achieve professional development.

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Skill development and training are crucial aspects during the course of a job for any individual. We often talk about self-learning, but we less prioritize the role of employees. However, the corporate sector is already aware of the importance of employee training & development, they provide an opportunity for the same.

some of the employees are always enthusiastic for professional development and some are passive. What are the facts, which makes an employee less enthusiastic about self-training and development?


Pressure of Task Competition

Each employee has a specific task to perform. Managers expect the output on a said date. Nobody sits in office to not to work. Of course work-pressure is a phenomenon in this contemporary world where employees to earn more incentives slip into a workaholic zone.


It creates a barrier for employees to improve their skills through self-learning. On the other hand, companies, which practice a monotonous work deployment only to gain the specific output, do not believe in employee training and development. They just want the maximum productivity from employees.


When you are busy doing your 9 to 6 job, you rarely find time to spend some time on self-learning and development. But, if you want to succeed and improve & extend your skills, you have to put quality efforts on self-growth.


Some people just want to be frogs of their well; they don’t want to improve. It is your responsibility to improve and learn skills, which helps you, achieve better positions in future and satisfy your professional and financial goals. If your organization often organizes employee training and development campaign, you must participate.

An employee is a sole responsible person for his/her growth. On the other hand, employers must also understand their responsibility to conduct training and learning session more frequently. There must be some special hours in the offices.


It would positively influence the employee to learn and grow seeing the efforts put by his/her employers. The employee must enthusiastically participate in learning and development program to improve and give better productivity to the company and open up the doors for better future opportunities!

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