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Referrals - A Great Way to Hire in India!

‘Referrals’ has always been a lucrative method to locate candidates via existing recommendations by employees. In the modern times, it has become a useful recruiting method for growing organizations, which are frequently looking for talent.

Human Resource (HR) clearly understand that employee referral is an effective way to locate talent because of these features:

1. reduced expenditure

2. improved quality

3. reduced time

Employee referrals have becomes a proven technique for urgent quality hiring. Now, organizations have started using employee referral tool to create a comprehensive talent pipeline.

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Some Statistics

It is quite surprising to know that around 41% organizations have been using top employee referral tools across India as a survey by LinkedIn Talent Solutions in the year 2016. Around 55% HR leaders consider the technology fruitful.


40% of the candidates in major organizations like Deloitte and Infosys etc have come through referrals. Leaders recognize it as an enduring hiring technique. India is leading with 65% as far as hiring through referrals is concerned.


Organizations have increased the technology uses for organized hiring via employee referrals. They own dashboards, mobile apps and portals where employees can check available jobs and submit suitable candidate’s information directly.



Those who refer candidates are liable for appreciation. If employers reward them, it becomes a great source of motivation for them to refer potential candidates in future.


Organizations are enthusiastically looking out for more systematic approach for hiring through referrals. Here, employee referral tools provided by industry leaders would solve the purpose.

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