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What Makes India a Better Place for US Hiring?

India had long back mastered the art of providing the best outsourcing services to multiple countries, especially the United States of America. To be precise, offering IT outsourcing services is above every service, which India offers to the USA. India, with a great number of professionals in the IT, recruitment, BPO, and other professional services is among the nations, which leads in the race in providing outsourcing services.

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If your recruitment agency is looking forward to serving recruitment needs of US, your already running business can easily add on the specialty to serve US by finding and screening the candidates, which the organizations need in the US.

It is crucial to know why companies in the US will approach recruiting consultant sitting in India to hire professionals in their country. The first and foremost reason is the recruiting cost, which they can easily save when they assign the primary recruiting task to an agency, which is in India. Comparing the US recruiting services with Indian recruiting services, the latter is far cheaper. Why will a company spend more money when they can get the services at low investments from an outsourcing unit situated in a country like India?


Here the question is what makes India a better place for US hiring. Before knowing more reasons, it is crucial for individuals to know that India has a favorable environment for recruitment outsourcing services, which attracts countries especially the US to hire recruiting agencies in India for professional recruiting services. Following are the reasons elaborated:

US Resume Database Software

To build a strong database or have a list of US candidates, either they build it on their own by searching on various job portals or buy the US resume database software from the companies which provide them with a SaaS-based US resume database dashboard to easily access US resumes.


Language is not an Issue

India is a nation of English speaking individuals. Therefore, communicating with US-based candidates is not an issue. US recruiting agencies in India trains their recruiters before communicating with the US-based candidates. Polishing the accent, knowing the US English nuances and dealing with candidates positively are some of the training subjects, which help the recruiters, provide the best US recruiting services.


Cheaper Services

India, being the second highest populated country after China, is cheaper when it comes to providing outsourcing services. IT services have always been the flagbearer of India outsourcing services, recruiting for US companies is gradually becoming the reason why the US have started approaching the country.


Developing Nation

India is a rapidly growing nation, which is curiously investing on sectors, which can give profits on foreign money inflows. To increase such possibilities, the country is progressively investing on the development of infrastructure for Indian entrepreneurs to establish and spread their businesses. Easy business loans and semi-government businesses have facilitated private firms to come forward with business concepts, which increase the possibilities of foreign money inflows.


Be it the easy availability of US resume database software or favorable business conditions, India is getting benefitted for successfully providing recruiting services to the USA.

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