Hiring is one of the most challenging activities without which we cannot imagine any business running in modern times. In a larger business setup, most of the energy is put on recruitment activities. If one is looking for a successful recruitment, it cannot be achieved without a robust plan. There are some recruitment secrets that keep organizations on top. They don’t just run behind a good resume and then hire the person who looks good; they strive for these four modern hiring practices through best HR applications:

Applicant Tracking System

ATS, also known as a candidate management system, is an application that helps companies recruit employees more effectively. This online recruitment technology emerged in the 1990s. ATS facilitates easy handling of recruitment needs, screening resumes and generating interview requests to potential candidates by e-mail. Moreover, it comprises of features such as:

· Individual applicant tracking

· Pre-screening questions

· Automated resume ranking

· Requisition tracking

· Customized input forms

· Response tracking

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Career Site

Locating best candidates from the live lists on the web (job boards, job aggregators, and social media platforms) is a time-consuming process. What is the best way to diminish the candidate finding challenge? The unbeatable solution is to not to find candidates on your own; let them find you. How to let the candidates find you?


A ‘Career Site’ is highly recommended to aware candidates about the opened positions or let them find the available jobs. It not only allows candidates apply for the open and future positions but also provides you an ample scope to build a strong candidate database. It is always a win-win situation for you. In both ways, you are able to locate suitable candidates. What is more important here, building a strong candidate pipeline for present and future talent requirements.

Job Posting

Multi-Job-Posting Tool’ is one of the time-saving tools available which has proven to be cost-effective as well for HR community. With the clever job adverts distribution tools, it has become a ‘one click act’. The multi-posting tool has squeezed the job distribution activity which was itself one of the most challenging steps of hiring.


A professional job distribution software makes it easy to distribute your job advert through multiple social media platforms and hundreds of channels with just a simple click. The various reporting functions allow you track each of the activities including views, the number of people exposed to your ad, and applications received etc. It helps you continually improve your distribution workflow and know how your budget is used. Using the dashboard, you are able to choose the channels on which you want to publish the jobs; you can customize your channels and create different sets.

Recruitment Analytics

A sense of achievement is crucial for any of the individuals in a working environment. The sense of achievement comes to the knowledge when you see the positive outcomes or data associated with your work. For recruiters, it comes through the total number of hired candidates. Besides, there are multiple other aspects of recruitment especially in the pre-recruitment segment that brings the sense of achievement such as the number of resumes received for a specific position, number of job adverts posted on different channels and conversion of each job postings etc. In a larger business setup, recruitment is a continuous process and it is difficult to track pre-recruitment activities that are already full of challenges.


HR wants to track the entire efforts and ultimately employers as well. To track each and every pre-recruitment data, ‘recruitment data analytics’ helps in a great way. It elaborates every step taken and facilitates in strategizing accordingly.

From hiring needs to scheduling interviews, employers can easily track each pre-recruitment process. Moreover, for a recruiter (HR), it is important to know what has been performed till now even though if there is no visible hiring.


Basically, these are the four basic pre-recruitment HR practices done through pre-recruitment HR applications. They help organizations achieve their hiring goals in a better way where resume search becomes easier. These hiring tools are SaaS based software. To know what SaaS is, please click here

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